Reliable Quality

The products' quality has been tested by the market. All the products shown to you have sales record in the around the world. And If it’s a new type, we’ll assess the technical feasibility and provide samples first to make sure it meets your requirements.

Competitive Price

We have the best experience in this area, with continually optimized sourcing, production and testing procedure, we’ve achieved a competitive cost controlling system, and the price we could offer wouldn’t disappoint you.

Excellent customer service

Our export department will be in charge of customer service, you could not only have a direct and quick respond from us if there's any question about products, but also track the process of planning, production, QC, shipment in different stages.




SENO CONTROLS CO;LIMITED is a sourcing company that serving small ,medium-sized enterprises and individuals from all over the world, helping customers solve their purchase troubles, currently focusing on generator and engine parts.The company has a young business team, they are honest and reliable, positive and efficient, serious and responsible, and strive to serve every customer well.In addition, with abundant factory resources, we can help customers find the right parts in a relatively short time, with guaranteed quality and reasonable price, help customer eliminating the trouble of screening suppliers layer by layer. Just tell us your specific needs and leave the rest to us, we will save you time, energy and cost!Our company philosophy is to optimize every link, do every little thing well, and serve every customer well. Keep learning and keep growing!






Hot Product


As we all know, there are countless factories and trading companies in China, and the products they provide have different standards.At the same time, there are tens of thousands of procurement needs from countries around the world every day. Due to the different market demands in each country, the price and quality of the products required by each customer are also very different.So how to achieve rapid matching of resources in a relatively short period of time, meet the different needs of different customers for products, and help customers save a lot of time, effort and cost, this is what we have to do, here, you just need to tell us Your specific needs for the product, we will help you arrange the rest until the goods are delivered to you.The reason why we operate this website is to let more customers discover us, so as to help those customers who have trouble purchasing in China.








There is a closed cavity inside the solenoid valve, the piston is in the middle of the cavity, and ......


Customers can browse the website to send specific requirements to us in the form of inquiries, we will quickly match the appropriate source of goods for customers as soon as we receive the demand, and provide customers with detailed price and transportation cost references ,until the customer is satisfied.  Then confirm all transaction details and arrange delivery. Customers just need to sit back and wait for the goods to be received. Of course, the products on our website are only partially displayed, and other related engine and generator accessories can also be sent to us by email or chat.